The Filmmaker's Process
The Filmmaker's Process
Learn How to Make Films that You're Proud Of, One Step at a Time

Pg. 7 Listen to your audience, use hard work to inspire others, engineer serendipity, maintain enthusiasm; strengthen the bonds of community; and, above all else, never forget the human side of the equation in the creation of both art and business.

Pg. 8 These were more than great works of art; these films brought people together, taught them to talk, to think differently. Through film, we could unite and achieve solidarity.

Pg. 12 I thought the movie was going to be a disaster, but miraculously when I finally saw the finished movie at the New York Film Festival, all the mistakes and all the other things I thought were fucked up looked gorgeous, transcendent, and emotional. I thought to myself, "You don't know anything yet."

Pg. 15 Find a core location that could serve as a base for the entire story and production; write scenes for different times of day, so that the sun is your main lighting instrument; cast friends and acquaintences who want to be there as much as you; and make sure that people enjoyed being there despite the horrible conditions.

Pg. 20 Ignorance is the bliss that launches many a first movie or film company.

The new era we live in requires everyone to help each other build a community, demystify the mainstream entertainment industry's creative process, and innovate.

Pg. 21 To make art, survive independently, and make a living that is tied to modest financial gain, you have to be driven. Success is not as important to you as the pleasure of what you're doing, the love and respect for what you're creating, and the ambition to take the culture _further._ That's always been the case, both then and certainly now.

Pg. 22 If we fail to acknowledge that film — like all art forms — has grown into a continuous experience, a running conversation between the form, the artists, and the audience, we place ourselves forever in a passive role, one that will contribute to the withering of culture.

Some people in the business don't seem to notice the drastic change or want to admit that it happened. We deserve a culture predicated on today's realities, not yesterday's routine.

Pg. 23 Cinema is not a single form or experience, but almost as varied as the artists who create it. (see page for full quote)

Pg. 24 Independence is the only choice when you're not necessarily interested in a mass audience, and for the first time ever, we can effectively work outside that structure and specifically address the niches. We are right around the corner of an incredible blossoming of a new and vibrant cinema.

Filmmaking is about partnerships. There is no single rule governing them, but the truer we are to these partnerships, the greater the opportunities born from them.

You can't produce if you don't partner well. If you don't love the group, then producing isn't for you.